How should I format my play script?

MARGINS: 1 inch
FONT: Palatino, New Times, Courier, 12pt.
TITLE PAGE: Title, Author, Copyright, Author's Information
CHARACTER PAGE: A list of all the parts in the script
SETTING & TIME PAGE: Description of the setting & a brief paragraph explaining the time period of the play and how much time elapses

Click here for examples of the requirements above:
Cover Pages Format Reference



Using Word - Helpful Hints:
Once you have formatted one item, you can format all other similar items, using the paintbrush function.
Under Format > Fonts, you can select All Caps to convert all the names quickly.


They Say / I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing


Essay Structure Graphic Organizers:

MLA format:
is also helpful for varying the introduction of quotes...


Final Project:

Your Final Essay should answer the question: Is Heart of Darkness Racist?

Through a close reading of the texts, you will argue whether or not you believe Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is racist. Another way to look at the assignment is to decide whether you agree with Achebe that, “Heart of Darkness projects an image of Africa as ‘the other world’”.

Questions to consider:

1) Does Conrad get a “free pass” because he was writing in 1890?

2) What is the darkness in Heart of Darkness? Is it Africa/Africans? Is it that we all have the capacity for evil?

3) Does Achebe’s Things Fall Apart offer a truer picture of the colonization of Africa?

A screening of The Matrix will take place in RM207 immediately following the school day on Monday, September 24 & on Tuesday, September 25. The film will be over by 5pm on both days. You must sign up ahead of time to insure you get a seat. The sign up sheet is on my door. We can fit only 30 students each day.

Click on the link. It will take you to dropbox, where you will be able to see the Film's thumbnail. Click on the film. This will take you to a preview of the first 15 minutes. On this preview page, click DOWNLOAD and you will be able to watch the entire film:
The Matrix

Here's the full script:

Here's the Graphic Organizer Chart:

Here's the Suggested Structure Outline:

Outline & Rough Draft due Thursday, September 27.
Final Draft (typed, double-spaced, page numbers) due Friday, September 28.

This Writing Assignment is due Friday, September 28. You will receive a lesson on structuring and organizing the essay on Monday, September 24. This weekend, concentrate on the film. Get your quotes from the script. You will have time next week to write the actual essay.

Assignment Description

Essential Question:
How does personal enlightenment affect our perception of reality?

Assignment Description:
During a close reading of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, you were asked to think about the following guiding questions: What is Plato saying in this allegory? What is his philosophy? Do we see his ideas in our own culture today?

You will watch The Matrix by Directors, Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski. You will notice there are a lot of ideas in the film similar to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. There will be some differences, however, also, as this allegory takes place in a new age.

Write a 2-page essay in which you compare and contrast the two allegories. How is Plato's Allegory of the Cave similar to The Matrix? How is it different?

Meets Standards
Exceeds Standards
Discern: View, read, and listen with focused attention to what matters.

…is able to gain surface meaning from a text (main ideas, larger logic).
…is able to gain surface meaning, but also comprehend nuances (language use, bias, author’s craft, references).

Fully understands all aspects of the texts
Communicate: Make ideas and information understood, mindful of audience, purpose, and setting.

…is able to use appropriate language and organization to communicate clearly and effectively
…is able to use audience and purpose to create and implement effective communication techniques (voice, cohesion, lang. use, organization)
Conclude: Infer meanings, analyze information and develop valid ideas based on evidence and analysis.

…is able to reach a conclusion based on the information provided
…is able to reach a conclusion and anticipate various interpretations and conclusions
Be precise: Accurately represents solutions, ideas, and language.

…is able to use appropriate vocabulary and adhere to grammatical conventions to make meaning
…is able to use content-specific vocabulary and demonstrate flawless use of grammatical conventions to make meaning