Truth Booth
Question Bridge

Filmmaking in March

Your job is to create an interview-based film inspired by either the Truth Booth or Question Bridge.

In the Truth Booth example, interview subjects are asked to respond to the same question in the same setting. In the Question Bridge example, interview subjects get to ask a question to a specific demographic group they feel different than or estranged from. Filmmakers then go find subjects in this specific demographic and record the answers.

You will have 4-5 class periods to do one of these two projects.


1) Interview at least 10 subjects
2) Edit the responses


Interview-Based Films

Be precise: Accurately represents solutions, ideas, and language.
Film could use one more hour of tightening, but imperfections are minimal.
Film edits are flawless: there are no moments where viewers wince because of poorly edited clips.
Collaborate: Work effectively with others to achieve a common goal.
You have 10 subjects either asking or answering questions.
You significantly more subjects interviewed than required.
Create: Produce or develop a product for expression.
Footage was edited such that purpose is at times unclear, yet overall the film suggests an idea.
Footage was edited in such a way as to suggest an idea & produce the desired effect in the audience.
Plan: Make deliberate plans, reflect, and persevere to achieve goals
Filmmaker did not execute project according to schedule, but the film was still ready for viewing on time
Filmmaker executes project according to schedule.


A Day
B Day

Friday, March 8 ---- Introduce Project
Tuesday, March 12 ---- Declare Project & Film / Edit
Thursday, March 14 ---- Film / Edit
Monday, March 18 ---- Film / Edit
Wednesday, March 20 ---- Finalize Films
Friday, March 22 ---- Show Films
Monday, March 11 ---- Introduce Project
Wed., March 13 ---- Declare Project & Film / Edit
Friday, March 15 ---- Film / Edit
Tuesday, March 19 ---- Film / Edit
Thursday, March 21 ---- Show Films

A Day Films Due MARCH 1

B Day Films Due FEB 28

Filmmaking Guidelines:

Introduction: An engaging intro that makes you look like you’re an experienced filmmaker…

Pacing: enough edits that we are never bored and waiting for the next scene; non-linear edits

Audio: Fancy audio editing, including fade ins/outs; audio overlapping, music that is free to use

Effects: transitions, speed up or slow down scenes, any other fancy stuff that makes it more entertaining

Conclusions: An ending; something that feels conclusive to the viewer

How to Place Videos from Video Sharing websites into iMovie:
1. Look up video
2. Copy link
3. Open new
4. Paste link and click nab
5. Two options: For Imovie Download: MP4
6. Finder = Download folder = Find video
7. Drag video into iPhoto, where it will pop up = Last Import
8. Drag to Events Area = will create event – then you can put it into iMovie
9. File – Import Movies – Photos – Events – You TubeVideo – Name it ! (don’t click optimize)
10. Click Copy
11. Import
12. Might have to do force click
13. Create Thumbnails Now


How to use Pictures/Photos:
- drag picture on desktop
- Higher resolution the better
- Convert gif to JPEG
- Click on photo
- Save a verson of JPEG
- Crop Pictures: Start and end - Ken Burns = end

How to combine clips to make 1 clip:
- Share
- Export Movie
- Click Large
- Name it
- Save the Export (go through the export process, which will take a long time or short time depending on how long your clip is)
- After is saves, it should appear on your desktop.
- Open it in QuickTime or iTunes
- Then import back into iMovies if you want to keep working on it.


How to fade audio in and out of clips:
- Click on the clip that you want adjusted
- Select the lower left corner - Audio adjustment
- Select Ducking and then increase or decrease the volume as much as you need

Your third assignment:
Communicate: Show 3 edited clips with different interview subjects. They should say something in support of your thesis.
Argue: Show 1 edited clip of either narration, an interview, or a statistic that you will disprove or react against.
Be precise: Upload an additional 10 minutes of raw footage to show a total of 20 minutes
Plan: Meet the Deadlines above ... by 12/3 & 12/4.

Your second assignment:

Communicate: Write your thesis clearly with 3 reasons why you believe you are right.

Argue: Produce 3 statistics with references from reputable sources that would support your thesis.

Be Precise: Upload 10 minutes of raw footage to Imovie.

Plan: Meet the deadlines above…by November 13/14.


You are required to present a 10 minute film that shows two-sides of a social issue. The required technical aspects of the film will be given to you once you start shooting.

For this filmmaking project, you are required to submit a proposal. In this proposal, you will include:

  • your basic idea for your social issue documentary
  • your main character(s)
  • scheduled interview (days/times)
  • impromptu interview (days/times)
  • shoot locations (days/times)
  • a number of ideas for shots you will need to capture (days/times)
  • a list of technical equipment needed
  • an estimated number of raw footage hours you intend to shoot
  • Any requests you have
  • A list of questions you need answers to

It is up to you how to best show this information to me by Monday/Tuesday of next week. Make it clear and organized.